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From time to time, the parish council undertakes projects that are expected to take a significant length of time and involve considerable expenditure (relative to the council’s income and reserves. Progress on these projects will be recorded on this page’s sub-pages.

Astbury village traffic calming

In late 2015 – early 2016, the parish council consulted its residents on a set of proposals to calm the excessive traffic passing through Astbury village.  You can find details of the consultation — the original proposals, and the tabulated results — hereOpens in a new window.

Since then, the parish council has discussed some of the proposed measures with a Cheshire East highways engineer.  At this meeting, it was decided that, before proceeding, the council needed up-to-date traffic counts for the village.  Cheshire East undertook this survey, but would not give the parish council the detailed figures without charge.

As a result, the parish council commissioned their own survey from VTC (Highway & Transport Consultancy)Opens in a new window.  This survey took place for the week from 27 January to2 February 2018. For more detail and an analysis, see VTC’s report. For even more detail, and if you want to carry out your own analysis, the raw survey data is available as a spreadsheet.

For comparison, we have details from earlier surveys in 2004 (a scanned copy of a printed report) and 2008 (as a spreadsheet).

Next steps

The parish council will discuss the best way to take some of the proposals forward after considering VTC’s report, and further discussion with John Carruthers, VTC’s managing director.

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